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Healthy Eating Made Possible 500 page eBook by Paul Benhaim

Paul Benhaim’s classic life-changing book containing hundreds of hemp seed, hemp oil, and hemp protein recipes. This book sparked off the European hemp food industry and contains far more than just recipes and basic nutrition. This in-depth hemp ‘bible’ contains a plethora of lifestyle tips from ancient Tibetan medicine to Ayurvedic knowledge and Eastern European cures.

If you want hemp recipes then this is your book. If you want to learn about natural health from Author’s direct experience then this is your book. If you want to know how to use hemp seeds or how to use hemp oil then this is your book.

The type of recipes you will find in this book include:

* raw food recipes
* gluten free recipes
* nut free recipes
* vegan recipes
* sugar-free recipes

and much more!

You may also find Paul’s raw food recipe book – Living Food Recipes of interest.

Learn from the hemp foods expert in this original and unique book that may change your life.


By popular demand, this book is now available again – and in an eco-friendly e-book format.

Over 500 pages long! No pictures – just jammed packed with information and over 200 hemp food recipes!

This is far more than a hemp recipe book…

In this work, the author introduces hemp as the social, environmental, political and nutritional ingredient for a sustainable future. Hemp seed has been fundamental to the nutrition of millions of people for thousands of years. It has always been a staple in parts of China, Russia, and Eastern Europe, yet the western world has ignored it due to its connection with marijuana, although hemp is not psychoactive. However, as public interest in the benefits of eating organic and naturally derived products grows, demand for hemp is soaring. Author Paul Benhaim, a leading expert in the field of hemp nutrition, writes extensively on this newly discovered ingredient. He considers hemp as a lifestyle choice and looks at its potential as a product for the sustainable future. The book offers information on the nutritional benefits of hemp seed, detailing its world history, present usage, and future possibilities. Connections to ancient methods of natural healing and health are focused on, including permaculture, herbs and spiritual nutrition. The recipes are easy to follow, use widely available ingredients and are delicious as well as healthy.

This book is for anyone interested in health, nutrition, and natural cures. It discusses the importance of making informed choices regarding diet, not only for ourselves but for the planet. Finally available again due to popular demand as an ebook – delivery is immediate.


“This is THE life-changing all encompassing full volume book on hemp and lifestyles – well researched and more than you can expect in just 400+ pages!” Jane Stoker, USA

“Marvellous– A well produced and thought out book. Very informative and extremely useful. Mr. Benhaim obviously knows his subject well. The best book on the subject – undoubtedly..” James Erwin, United Kingdom

“A useful book about an important food for the future. Who would have guessed that hemp seed would turn out to be such an excellent food. The essential fats in hemp are in perfect balance, and that means superb health for us. Paul Benhaim expertly provides the complete information. Read this book so that you get well informed and you may see opportunities in this incredible new product.” George Solopody, Australia

Invest in yourself by buying this hemp book today, start making recipes and be happy!

“This product is an eBook. After checkout, you will have immediate access to download this book. You will also receive lifetime updates for free. Thanks for saving paper, ink, packaging, and fuel.”

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Hemp Foods Starter Pack


Not sure what to try first? Try all the best Australian made hemp products:

TWO x organic hulled hemp seeds (250g), hemp protein (500g of our latest super fine grade), hemp oil (500ml) and copy of Modern Introduction To Hemp ebook.

Hemp Starter Pack

All from Australia’s most trusted source – Hemp Foods Australia.

Usual price $118.70. Have it delivered to your door immediately for $89.95!

Hemp Seeds

Hemp is considered one of the most nutritious plants in the world and the seeds contain all 20 amino acids, including the 9 essential ones that our bodies cannot produce on its own. Hemp seeds are also a rich source of essential minerals, including magnesium and phosphorus for bone health, zinc to help support the immune system, and iron for oxygenating the blood.

Hemp Seed Oil

Australian Certified Organic virgin cold-pressed hemp seed oil is made fresh on our premises and cold packed in a superior glass bottle to keep it at its ultimate freshness level.

Though it is legal for sale in Australia and New Zealand only for use in skin care, other countries have taken advantage of the many other benefits that hemp seed oil has to offer.

Hemp Protein

Our hemp protein powder contains all the amino acids in great proportions (learn more on our nutrition page) and as well as being voted the best raw protein, it is the best gluten free, vegan protein and plant based protein known to man! Our latest product is this high quality plant based vegan hemp protein. Containing all the amino acids this is not the ‘hemp fibre flour’ you may have tried before – this is a super fine grade of super hemp seed nutrition. Recommended by the best body builders and trainers world-wide as a preference to soy or pea protein for it’s quality and taste.

*Australia only, extra charge for freight if overseas

In accordance with clause 1 of the Food Standards Code 1.4.4, Hemp Foods Australia Pty Ltd does not sell and will not supply prohibited food products and in accordance with the Food Standards Code and NSW Food Act 2003. Our hemp seeds, hemp protein powder and hemp oil are ONLY to be purchased if you understand they may be used for external & internal use only or exported to a country where consumption is legal. By purchasing products from us you agree to these terms.